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Bruce Humphries


We think Bruce was first of our Classmates to join the Memory Page and it was not long after our graduation in 1959.


 Many of us will remember that Bruce had a younger brother, Keith, who graduated in the Class of 1961.

This morning August 31, 2009 we heard from Keith in Prescot, Arizona and his recollections are posted for all:

After leaving Woodward in 1959, Bruce enrolled at Miami University but quickly discovered that the academic life was not for him. After some time in the Army Reserves, he joined the 3-M Company in Cincinnati as an industrial tape salesman - a job he really liked and was good at. During that period he met Bettye, a cute Kentucky girl who was then working as a reservation agent for American Airlines.

Bruce was promoted and he and Bettye moved to a suburb of Indianapolis where they seemed to fit in and thrive. Gone were the Austin Heally, the Jaguar XK-120, and the SCCA racing scene (although all the trophies moved with them.) Bruce and Bettye had three children, Lisa, Kevin, and Kristen (each of whom is now well over 30!). I can't exactly remember the year, but think it was 1970 or 1971 when I got a call from Bettye to come visit Bruce in the hospital. He had been diagnosed with brain cancer and had just had surgery. We visited and talked and spoke about all of his high school friends and escapades - many of which I had not known before. It was only two months later that the tumor had grown back and he passed peacefully with all of us, including our sister Mary Lou (Living in Medina, OH then) and parents (who still lived in Cincinnati) having visited with him frequently.

Bettye has remarried to a great guy and lives in Granger, IN. The "kids" are spread around Indianapolis and Round Rock, TX - all successful and healthy. If you saw Kevin today - you would see a near mirror image of Bruce. Naturally, we all keep in fairly close contact - given that my wife Nancy and I live in Prescott, AZ.

Thanks to all his classmates from '59 for the remembrances of my "big brother." After all these years he is still missed - but also remembered.

D. Keith Humphries   Class of '61

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11/12/08 10:06 PM #1    

Martha Jo Meyer (Nall)

We all miss your wonderful, engaging smile Bruce.

01/13/09 11:23 AM #2    

Bruce L. Oliver

I hope this isn't inappropriate or disrespectful. It certainly isn't meant to be, but....

I have many memories of great, fun "guy time" often with Bruce behind the wheel [a Ford?] and at speeds "slightly" above the legal limit.

My last memory with Bruce [and others] was at the first Thanksgiving holiday break after our graduation from Woodward. I was driving my little old 1954 Chevy. We had beem, surprise, drinking beer, with "low beer" being legal at the time. Bruce, who had consumed his limit plus, was in the back seat on the passenger side. He announced he was going to be sick and rolled down the window--or so he thought. The bottom line is that I had a mess to clean up and the car smelled for weeks.

He later called and couldn't apologize enough!

01/13/09 10:15 PM #3    

Joseph Frank Bagdal

Bruce sat behind me in homeroom 11th and 12th grade (Miss Shepler Spanish teacher). One day he was being kidded by one of his friends in my presence. He was driving his dad's Buick with a carload of his friends and coming down Bremont Ave in Golf Manor (Bremont is a steep road) he tried shifting into low (auto trans) for a stop sign and hit reverse. The Buick came to a hard screaching halt with a stopped engine. Bruce was really worried that he blew up the transmission or engine, but luckily the engine started and they went on their way.

I often wonder why God takes such young promising people from us at so young an age. I wish I knew the answer.

07/22/09 12:25 PM #4    

Sterling L. Williams

Bruce and I used to work a lot of sports car races in the early sixties, then we lost contact when I married the first time. Bruce used to get terrible headaches. The tumor must have been working for a long time. Bruce's whole family were great folk.

08/11/09 11:17 PM #5    

Max Edward McCandlish

Max Mccandlish, I am truly sorry to here of Bruces demise. We were Fraternity brothers and good friends. I lost contact with so many after entering the State Highway Patrol and being transfered from Mariemont to Middletown and then to Circleville, Ohio. Before I left, Bruce and I had some truly memorable times. Drag racing his parents pontiac tri power pontiac against Jack Clarks parents Jaguar. Drag racing my Pontiac Lemans on Reading Rd., just down from our favorite drive inn restuarant, in which he lost control and wiped out about 150 Ft. of hedge infront of the Howard Johnsons. No one hurt. Later Bruce bought an Austin Healy sports car an I bought a Triumph #3. his was a little faster than mine. Bruce, riding in Mike Hogans hot rod Oldsmobile picked up my brother Art and came up to Miami University to pick up myself and roomate for a good nite out partying, until Mike Hogan decided to accelerate during snow in March 1960. Acording to those could remember, when the tire blew out and lost control, Mike Hogan Bruce Humphries and myself were thrown from the front seat and car rolled about 5 times through a field. My brother and roomate crawled out through rear window, with car upside down. The 5 girls that were following us got the patrol and squad. The three of us were taken to the hospital. Bruce was kept with a broken colar bone and head injury, Hogan kept for injuries and I guess I was released after left leg lacerations, left side of head lacerations. WE all had a good time while it lasted but we all suffered afterwards. The car was totaled, I did't regain conscience till two days later and was awakened by a phone call from my parents, who read about it in the paper. I had no answeres for them, since my memory blanked most of it out. WE were all gratefull for the five girls that followed us home and reported the accident as well as taking myself as well as my brother and room mate to the dorm. I just hope to god that Bruces head injuries didn't cause his later problems. Bruce and I attended different functions later as well as ran around with each other in our sports cars. I went on to the Patrol and lost contact in 1962. I would be gratefull to anyone that could provide more details. I am sure you are in a better place now!

08/31/09 11:53 AM #6    

J. Kenneth (Ken) Richter

Bruce was a great Classmate and I can remember his smile and enthusiasm to everything he did.

Was that a 49, 50 or 51 Black Ford that he drove? Funny what you remember and what you forget.

It is great that his brother, Keith(Class of 61) , found the Web Site and brought us the details on his brother.

Ken Richter

09/30/09 04:16 PM #7    

Harvey J. Skurow


04/05/11 11:14 AM #8    

Nancy Claire Strickler (Wilson)

Thanks for your wonderful account of your brother, Keith.

I did't know Bruce in HS, but we girls will never forget him for his EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKS! It's a wonder Bruce and Max and the other young man didn't have 5 carloads of girls following them!

Max told me that Miami didn't allow students to have cars until their senior year and perhaps that's the reason they were in a visitor's car together (3 boys will do things 1 boy don't on his own.)

Bruce knows that marvelous secret of Heaven - we all hope to see you again, Bruce.

04/05/11 11:18 AM #9    

Nancy Claire Strickler (Wilson)

Well, third time's a charm.

I didn't know Bruce in HS, but any red=blooded American girl will ever forget his extreme handsomeness.

Max gave me the same account as he did hear, but left out the fact that Miami would not allow students to have cars until their senior year. Maybe that's why these 3 were together in a visitor's car.

Keep Heaven open for us, Bruce. We miss you.

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