In Memory

Harriet Heiman (Haymes)

Deceased Classmate: Harriet Heiman
Date Deceased: April-29-1982

My mother was Harriet Heiman (married name was Haymes). She was 41 years old when she died in New Jersey in April 1982. She died of a very short bout with cancer (less than 30 days from diagnosis). We never found out what kind of cancer she had; and of course the sad thing is that we have come so far with cancer medicine that I am quite sure that if she had been diagnosed today, she would probably still be alive.

I am her son, Bruce Haymes and I spent many summers in Roselawn as a boy visiting my grandparents on Shenandoah Ave. My mom and my grandmother would occasionally drive me by Woodward HS, pointing out the place where my mom had obtained her highest degree. She was proud of her sorority and other awards.

My uncle, David Heiman, also went to Woodward HS and is one of the nation's top lawyers, practising in Cleveland at Jones Day.

I am sure if my mom were still living she would be in attendance at the 50th reunion -

Please post this to the message board or send it to the organizer of the reunion.

Bruce Haymes

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06/03/09 12:34 AM #1    

Barry Jay Greenberg

I was deeply saddened, when I learned of Harriet's untimely passing, from cancer, at a very young age of 41. I was unable to come to the 25th class reunion, and I saw Harriet's picture on the memorial page when I received the reunion book from Gary Thornton. When my family moved to Roselawn in 1951, we lived a few doors down from the Heimans on Shenandoah Avenue.

I met Harriet shortly thereafter, and I fell in love when I first saw her. She was so kind and gentle, and I thought that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I was very girl shy at the time, so I admired her from afar. However, I did manage to ask her to dance at a few parties we were both at. We were the best of friends at Roselawn Elementary, and at Woodward. Her parents were the greatest, as was her brother, David. After graduation from Woodward, our paths parted forever.

07/07/09 09:10 AM #2    

Sheila Ann Keller (Meitus)

I was really shocked when I heard of Harriet's passing. We were very, very good friends for many years in High School. After school, we would go to her house or mine and listen to those disc jockey radio programs where you could "dedicate" special songs to special "ones." We would often read those trashy "True Romance" magazines together too. I remember her faithful dog, Mitch, and the old car that she and her mother shared that took us on many trips to Frisches or S&S. I remember her on her birthday, every June 21st with love and sadness.
Sheila (Keller) Meitus

08/11/09 08:45 PM #3    

Marcia Neumark (Schwartz)

Dear Bruce,
I was a very good friend of your mother's through 5th & 6th grades (at Roselawn School) as well as at Woodward. In fact, several of us belonged to a club called KT's that was affiliated with the Jewish Community Center.
There were 12 of us who remained friends despite being members of different sororities. I lived on Robinwood in the beginning and used to get together with your Mom after school --we were in easy walking distance. My brother Michael was your Uncle David's age. Michael died of cancer in 2005. He was also an attorney, and he and David were very good friends. Ironically, my older son Jason is with Jones, Day in Dallas,TX. Your uncle visited the firm there not long after Jason was hired, and David was wonderful to Jason when he met him there.
This is a pretty garbled message but I just wanted to get in touch with you because I remember your mother so well.
She had many friends and I was one of them. I thought you would like to see some pictures of your mother with our group of friends. If you email me your address I'll send them to you. Some others in KT's were Bev Fink, Carolyn Sudman, Myra Harris. I would love to hear from you! Marcia Neumark Schwartz
My email is

09/16/09 10:56 PM #4    

Elinor Ann Cohen (Ziv)

I remember your mother very well. I am saddened to here that your mother passed so long ago. I have often thought of her and she is one of the people that I wondered what happend to. We were in Kt's together, I came in late as I moved here in 6th grade, and then we were in sorority together. I am sure she is looking down proudly on here family
Elinor Cohen Ziv

06/15/10 09:36 AM #5    

J. Kenneth (Ken) Richter

Web Site Commentary

Thought this said a lot about what a class reunion can do to connect and reconnect people to those great years said below......."As good as it gets."

I am glad we made the effort to find everyone from our 1959 Class.

Ken Richter

For the Steering Committee


From: David Heiman

I just wanted to thank those who wrote in response to the note from my nephew, Bruce. It is hard to fathom that those days at Woodward High School (from which I graduated (along with Michael Neumark) in 1963)occurred more than 50 years ago and that Harriet died almost 30 years ago. Altough the passage of time seems to cast a wonderful glow on our high school years, I do feel that those years were simply as good as it gets. The Heiman family lost a great person at the age of 40 (the Neumark family suffered a similar loss), but Harriet's impact even this many years later (the best evidence perhaps being Bruce's initiative in participating in your 50th)is demonstrative. My very best to all of you.

04/04/11 07:50 PM #6    

Nancy Claire Strickler (Wilson)

How sweet of you to write about your mom. She and I went to Roselawn Elementary. I recently learned of a boy who said she was his first/greatest love, but I will let him reveal himself. Too young to date, he said he would ride his bike over to her house and wait outside to perhaps catch a glimpse of her. I am so sorry you did not have her longer, Bruce, but you shall see her again. We';; never forget you, Harriet.

Well, in reading the BG comment, I guess you know who the boy on the bike was.

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